Vitori Health

January 29, 2024

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We are excited to announce that Art Hoath, IV has joined Vitori Health as Chief Revenue Officer. With his sustained focus on bringing value and innovation to employer health plan sponsors, Art is an excellent addition to the Vitori Health team and a strong advocate for Vitori’s mission to lower health plan costs and improve member support.

Art brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare and self-funded employer health plan arena. He has successfully led high-powered sales teams and helped launch and grow innovative solutions for leading healthcare cost containment companies.

Art looks forward to promoting Vitori’s modern health plan and Vitori Vantage, the industry’s first 3-year level funded product, which deliver unmatched cost control and a remarkable member experience over outdated insurance plans.

“I joined the Vitori Health team because of their compassionate and impactful approach to solving the real healthcare needs of employers and their people,” says Art. “The continued success of Vitori’s innovative health plans gives our broker partners a winning hand to drive better outcomes for their clients and grow new business.”

Tim O’Brien, Vitori Health CEO, says, “I have every confidence that Art’s sales leadership will further accelerate our continued, rapid growth. Art’s solid industry experience will enhance our existing broker relationships and help us build new business partnerships.”

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