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Vitori Health Welcomes Art Hoath, IV as Chief Revenue Officer

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We are excited to announce that Art Hoath, IV has joined Vitori Health as Chief Revenue Officer. With his sustained focus on bringing value and innovation to employer health plan sponsors, Art is an excellent addition to the Vitori Health team and a strong advocate for Vitori’s mission to lower health plan costs and improve member support.

Art brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare and self-funded employer health plan arena. He has successfully led high-powered sales teams and helped launch and grow innovative solutions for leading healthcare cost containment companies.

Art looks forward to promoting Vitori’s modern health plan and Vitori Vantage, the industry’s first 3-year level funded product, which deliver unmatched cost control and a remarkable member experience over outdated insurance plans.

“I joined the Vitori Health team because of their compassionate and impactful approach to solving the real healthcare needs of employers and their people,” says Art. “The continued success of Vitori’s innovative health plans gives our broker partners a winning hand to drive better outcomes for their clients and grow new business.”

Tim O’Brien, Vitori Health CEO, says, “I have every confidence that Art’s sales leadership will further accelerate our continued, rapid growth. Art’s solid industry experience will enhance our existing broker relationships and help us build new business partnerships.”

WATCH | Health Plan Funding Options: Financial Facts and Fables

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It’s not always apparent that the ability to control costs is directly impacted by how an employee health plan is funded. From fully-funded to self-insured, choosing the right insurance model is key to optimizing reimbursement and maximizing value and savings.

Brokers and employers can benefit from having a deeper understanding of risk transfer and health plan funding. Without such clarity, it can be difficult to establish insurance arrangements that optimize cost control.

Watch our fast-moving, 30-minute on-demand webinar to acquire the information you need to:

  • Know the gradations of fund planning and their respective pros and cons
  • Understand why fully-insured plans typically offer minimal cost controls
  • Realize that self-funding is appropriate for employers of all sizes
  • Learn how to maximize savings and value with a high performance health plan
  • Estimate current overspending and cost-saving opportunities

Watch now and contact Vitori Health for personalized insights into shaping and influencing an optimized health plan.

Vitori Health CEO Shares Market Success and Growth Plans

2 minIn an interview with Mergermarket, a leading provider of M&A data and intelligence, Tim O’Brien, CEO of Vitori Health, shared that he would consider acquisitions as part of the firm’s overall growth strategy.

Tim OBrienVitori’s focus for the next few years will be growing its revenue and customer base and scaling its business nationwide. According to O’Brien, “We have found strong initial success, with client plan members in 48 states. And we’ve seen strong interest from brokers and advisors looking to save costs for their self-insured client health plans.”

The firm is in talks with about 100 organizations exploring health plan options, and anticipates administering more than 100,000 lives by the end of 2022. Vitori also expects to grow its workforce in that time by a factor of five, and has been hiring an average of three people per week to handle growth. Revenue for 2022 is projected to be double what is booked for 2021, and profits will be reinvested into growth and resources to enhance member value.

The company administers fair-market prices for services, sources prescription drugs, and streamlines claims to deliver savings that Vitori backs with a monetary guarantee. Employers who sponsor their own health insurance get claims administration, pharmacy benefits and member support under one umbrella. Service providers benefit from receiving market-determined payments in a timely fashion.

With successful and continued growth, the company would consider buying smaller administrators that are unable to quickly scale up their technology to competitive standards and that could use Vitori’s platform. Although Vitori has already been approached by companies looking to sell, it plans to build what it needs internally.

“We’re really focused on growth,” said O’Brien, “and we’ve got a great trajectory.”

Welcome, Tim!

2 minWhen your mission is to deliver a lower cost, better health plan that’s unsurpassed in the industry, you need a Chief Executive Officer who not only shares that mission, but has the experience and entrepreneurial mindset to shake things up and blaze a unique path.

Tim OBrienWe are therefore delighted to introduce our new CEO, Tim O’Brien, whose 25+ years of health and insurance experience will help Vitori Health continue transforming the industry.

Throughout his career, Tim has created innovative solutions that coordinate care, lower costs, and improve outcomes. He has also developed and implemented growth strategies and managed large scale operations, sales, and IT functions for global healthcare and IT organizations.

According to Tim, “The timing couldn’t be better for Vitori Health. We are uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive health plan that significantly lowers costs while providing members far better support than conventional health plans today. The Vitori solution has been incubated, tested, and optimized over several years with thousands of plan members. This gives us the confidence to deliver on our promise. It is a pleasure to work with such an experienced team and we are pleased to see incredibly strong market interest.”

Tim previously served as the Officer in charge of care delivery and strategic investments for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (BlueKC). He has developed national primary care solutions, multi-specialty surgery centers, and pioneered virtual behavioral health solutions. Tim served as the Chief Operating Officer of an integrated health care and capital management firm and delivered healthcare solutions in the UK, Middle East, and Latin America.

Tim is based in Kansas City where he will expand and strengthen our regional presence while leading the Vitori Health team to continue to serve clients nationwide. Please join us in welcoming Tim to the organization as we gear up for unprecedented growth and success.

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