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September 6, 2023

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., August 29, 2023 — Vitori Health, a national precision-built health plan solution that provides a high-performing alternative for mid-market employers and their employees, announced today its Vitori Vantage product, an industry first 36-Month Level Premium Plan.

As an innovator in the health insurance industry, Vitori Health is thrilled to announce this groundbreaking new product. Vitori Vantage is a revolutionary offering that will transform the marketplace through exceptional value for employers and employees nationwide with three (3) full years of unchanging health plan premiums.

This 3-Year Level Premium Plan represents the next stage of ingenuity and innovation for which Vitori is known. It leverages proprietary financial engineering with unique features and benefits to combat continually rising annual health plan costs.

“We are very excited to offer the Vitori Vantage product,” stated Tim O’Brien, Vitori CEO. “It is a game changer for employers seeking multi-year health plan premium stability for their business and for their employees. Vitori Vantage is the only plan that locks in annual premiums for 36 months, eliminating cost increases that are trending at 10% or more annually. The launch of our Vitori Vantage product upholds our history of meeting market demands for innovative products that drive down the cost of healthcare while improving employee benefits and support.”

Unique features of the Vitori Vantage Plan:

  • Complete all-in rate lock for 3 full years
  • No increase in administrative, claims, or reinsurance expenses for three (3) years
  • Renewable for additional 3-year term
  • Surplus premium available for renewal or pay out

Enhanced member benefits include:

  • Full-service concierge provides plan members enhanced personal service
  • No balance billing liability
  • $0 PCP visits
  • $0 generic Rx and $0 specialty Rx with financial assistance and lower cost drug sourcing
  • $0 virtual care for physical and behavioral health
  • $0 for surgeons of excellence elective procedures

Vitori’s Vantage 3-Year Level Premium Plan is available to select brokers / advisors and employer organizations. Additional information about Vitori Health and the Vantage Plan is available on the Vitori website.


About Vitori Health

Vitori Health is a comprehensive next-generation health plan solution focused on expense reduction and increased value through evidence-driven design, payment integrity controls, better member value, and guaranteed results. Vitori’s success is anchored in its ability to drive 30% savings by addressing legacy health insurance conflicts of interest, service, and cost control challenges while delivering an exceptional member experience and an unmatched savings guarantee.

Built from the ground up, Vitori leverages proprietary technology and business processes to seamlessly integrate custom-designed features, including concierge member support and advocacy, unique medical payment controls, preferred surgical arrangements, optimized pharmacy pricing, and employer contracting without hidden fees. The result is a high-performance health plan that is significantly less expensive for plan sponsors and employees.

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