Vitori Health

December 27, 2023

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It is abundantly clear that employers need to break free from fully-insured health plans with legacy insurance carriers. Premiums spiral higher with every renewal, and employees and their families are increasingly exposed to devastating denials of care and coverage… all in the pursuit of greater profit.

Despite laws to the contrary, insurers create the illusion of coverage while finding loopholes to avoid providing actual care. In its series on how the insurance industry routinely denies coverage to patients, ProPublica exposes the system’s inner workings and how it harms the people it purports to help.

For one patient, denial of cancer care had tragic results that sadly, could happen to any employee covered by a traditional, fully-insured health plan. The good news is that employers can break free from this profit-driven corruption by moving to a self-funded or 3-year level-funded health plan from Vitori Health.

Vitori removes the risk of legacy plans that cede all power to the insurance company by providing greater control over coverage and care. It also offers upwards of 30% in savings and includes low and no-cost care options to covered members.

Employers can provide real health care coverage to their valued employees.

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