Vitori Health

October 11, 2023

1 minute

Vitori Health is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Flume Health’s third-party administrator (TPA) operations. This strategic purchase complements Vitori’s significant growth and adds talented new team members, further enabling it to deliver industry-leading health plans and remarkable member services.

Like Vitori, Flume is recognized for its modern architecture and leading-edge capabilities. This highly complementary union furthers Vitori’s commitment to delivering transparent, cost-reducing, value-enhancing, member-first healthcare solutions and services to its clients.

Key highlights of acquiring Flume’s TPA operations include:

  • Increased Capacity | Expands Vitori’s operational capacity to spark continued growth and meet market demand through the acquisition of Flume TPA team members, TPA clients, and administration technology.
  • Enhanced Technology | Augments Vitori’s existing infrastructure to deliver innovative healthcare solutions and administrative efficiencies.
  • Administrative Agility | Strengthens Vitori’s administrative flexibility and its ability to offer more tailored and customized solutions to its clients.

Tim O’Brien, Vitori Health CEO, describes the acquisition of Flume’s TPA operations as “an ideal fit to bolster our strengths and fuel our continued, quality-focused expansion.” Further, it “aligns with our strategic market orientation and rapid growth” and “complements our existing payer services and plan administration capabilities as well as adding significant talent to our existing experienced team.”

The founder & CEO of Flume Health, Cédric Kovacs-Johnson, is equally energized by Vitori’s acquisition of its TPA operations because of shared values and a shared “mission to deliver modern health plan experiences.” He adds, “This decision allows Flume to focus on software products, including our data exchange platform called Relay, solving the critical interoperability challenges in the payer ecosystem.”

Vitori Health is known for its dedication to improving healthcare costs and outcomes, and to delivering exceptional customer experiences. The acquisition of Flume’s TPA operations is a testament to its vision to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

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