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October 30, 2023

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The results from the Commonwealth Fund 2023 Health Care Affordability Survey are grim. American consumers continue to struggle with unsustainably high costs and inadequate coverage. Unsurprisingly, nearly 40% forgo or delay needed care and don’t fill prescriptions to avoid risking financial ruin.

This includes individuals with employer-sponsored health plans, 43% of whom said it was “very or somewhat difficult to afford their health care.” Insurance coverage didn’t prevent people from incurring medical debt. Additionally, 30% of covered employees report paying off debt from medical or dental care over time, especially for treatment of an ongoing health condition.

The survey concludes with suggestions for making healthcare more affordable, including lowering deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. A comprehensive, member-focused health plan from Vitori Health goes even further by shrinking total medical and Rx cost by 30% and adding these free benefits wrapped in a remarkable member support experience.

  • No-cost telemedicine, including mental health services
  • $0 Surgeons of Excellence program
  • Rx financial assistance and no-cost specialty medications
  • Advocacy for securing hospital financial assistance
  • No member liability for balance billing

Plan sponsors seeking long-term cost stability and security will appreciate Vitori Vantage, our industry-first, level-funded health plan that delivers 36 months of fixed premiums for stable cash flow and predictable budgeting.

By dropping legacy insurance carriers and outdated PBMs, plan sponsors can substantially improve employee health and financial well-being and help bring needed change to the US healthcare industry.

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