Vitori Health

February 18, 2023

2 min

“In the mosaic floor of the opulent atrium of a house excavated at Pompeii is a slogan ironic for being buried under 16 feet of volcanic ash: Salve Lucrum, it reads, “Hail, Profit.” That mosaic would be a fitting decoration today in many of health care’s (corporate) atria.”

So begins an article from JAMA Network describing, in painful detail, the “dangerous and pervasive consequences” of greed proliferating throughout every sector of the U.S. healthcare system.

This is not about the usual runaway prices and lack of transparency. The author digs deeper to reveal the stranglehold of monopolies, illicit and unfathomable pricing games, and extreme “kleptocapitalist behaviors” that pose “an existential threat to a sustainable, equitable, and compassionate health care system.”

A Principled Solution

As a market-shaping enterprise, Vitori Health follows these core principles to create a safe and secure health plan refuge for employers and their people:

Do the right thing.
Find a better way.
Make a difference.

In spite of the dysfunctional and unethical state of the health care industry, employers who take their fiduciary responsibility seriously can measurably reduce costs while providing employees with a compassionate and significantly better health plan. Better yet, they can invest those savings in other benefits, including retirement benefits that support a financially sound and secure future.

Employers can have a plan today with:

  • 30% savings with a remarkable member experience and industry firsts unobtainable anywhere else
  • No complicit or complacent enabling of legacy system economics
  • 80+ Net Promoter Score member satisfaction
  • Member high-cost Rx and hospital financial assistance included at no cost
  • Full access to plan data
  • Transparent contracts with no hidden fees, terms, or taking of shared savings

It’s time for employers to stop supporting an industry that prioritizes profits over people. Vitori can lead the way out of this health care debacle so employers can do the right thing for their employees.

Join in the Victory