Vitori Health

April 10, 2023

< 1 minute

We are excited to share that Neil Quinn, Chief Strategy Officer at Vitori Health, was interviewed by Chris Fisher to create a BenefitsAlly 3x3x3 video.

In 3x3x3 interviews, innovative solution providers answer three questions of interest to benefit advisers using three slides in under three minutes. Neil provides quick yet comprehensive answers to these questions:

1. What is Vitori Health?

2. How is Vitori Health different?

3. Who is a good fit for Vitori Health?


Benefit consultants can learn more about the advantages of a modern health plan from Vitori Health and Vitori Vantage, the industry’s first 3-year level-premium plan that breaks the cycle of annual renewal cost increases.

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Chris Fisher is the founder of BenefitsAlly. Their mission is to discover programs that are innovative, solve a problem, and have a proven track record of success. They share these great solutions with benefits consultants so they can stay competitive by bringing essential solutions to employers before their competition does.

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