Vitori Health

November 30, 2022

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In the ongoing battle for talent acquisition and retention, 2 in 3 employers plan to expand their employee benefits program in the next 12-18 months. Yet 8 in 10 say out-of-control health care costs impede their ability to stay competitive. Is it really possible to compete without overspending? Absolutely!

More than 95% of employers (and their boards) agree that they have a legal responsibility to manage health plan expenses as a plan sponsor fiduciary. Leaders can eradicate any worries about breaching their fiduciary duty and free up significant dollars for other benefits with a next-generation health plan that uses technology-enabled cost controls that can save 30% on total health care costs… all while giving their members a better health plan experience.

Forward-looking plan sponsors know that telemedicine and mental health provisions, for example, should no longer be considered “nontraditional benefits.” Employees are demanding these and better value from their health plan including transparent costs and care quality as well as minimal out-of-pocket expenses and affordable prescription drugs.

Win the War for Talent with 30% Savings on Health Care

Employers are no longer between a rock and a hard place when it comes to winning the war for talent. An innovative health plan built on a smart, sustainable purchasing platform is vital to creating a highly desirable workplace that stands apart.

Join in the Victory