Vitori Health

April 19, 2022

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We are excited to announce that Coleman Fitch has joined Vitori Health as VP of Channel Sales. Coleman will be strengthening Vitori’s relationships with employee health benefits brokers, advisors, and consultants in the Midwest and helping more employers learn about the advantages of Vitori Health.

Coleman will hit the ground running thanks to his client-centric approach and experience with employee health plans that reduce costs and improve outcomes. He knows exactly what employers need to attract and retain quality talent and help businesses and employees thrive.

Coleman is equally enthused about his role in bringing positive change to the employee health plan industry.

Coleman Fitch“Most consultants can agree on the overwhelming need to be less reactive to the handcuffs that the current healthcare insurance industry creates for their clients. Forward-looking employee benefit strategies should decrease the financial burden to both employers and employees without reducing access and the quality of care. I am excited to join Vitori Health where I can confidently offer an all-encompassing health plan that prioritizes the needs of our clients and their members over legacy insurance carriers.”

Tim O’Brien, CEO, says, “Coleman is a great addition to our talented executive sales team. Their collective expertise across the healthcare industry will help us continue our exponential growth and support our leadership role in a marketplace that demands the innovation that Vitori offers.”

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